Notable Cypriot Biographies

1. Archbishop Makarios III

Archbishop Makarios III was the first President of the Republic of Cyprus. He served from 1960 until his death in 1977. As a prominent figure in the struggle for Cypriot independence, Makarios played a key role in the island's history. His leadership and advocacy for a united Cyprus were crucial in shaping the nation's early years.

2. Glafcos Clerides

Glafcos Clerides was the President of Cyprus from 1993 to 2003. He was a pivotal figure in modern Cypriot politics and played an active role in the efforts to find a solution to the long-standing Cyprus dispute. Clerides also contributed to the island's European Union accession process.

3. Zeno of Citium

Zeno of Citium was an ancient Greek philosopher born in Citium (modern-day Larnaca, Cyprus). He is the founder of Stoicism, a school of philosophy that has had a lasting influence on Western thought. Zeno's teachings on ethics, virtue, and rationality remain relevant even today.

4. Nicos Sampson

Nicos Sampson was a Cypriot political figure who briefly served as President of Cyprus in 1974. He was a controversial and divisive figure due to his association with the events of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Sampson's presidency was short-lived, and he later resigned from office.

5. Vassilis Michaelides

Vassilis Michaelides was a renowned Cypriot poet and writer. His works are considered among the most significant in Cypriot literature. His poems often touch on themes related to Cyprus, its people, and its history, making him a beloved cultural figure on the island.